spray foam insulation
Barrow, Alaska North Slope Bureau Main Offices
Central Office Complex, Community Center

Spray Foam Insulation in structure crawl space.

A joint project engineered and performed by
Linings Unlimited &
A to Z Construction Services, Inc.
Piles, anchored and embedded into a site's footprint, are considered the most stable foundation for arctic construction. The structure is raised above the ground, giving space for natural air circulation beneath the structure to minimize heat flow.
Permafrost, the continuous below freezing condition of soils and rock, can easily be affected by any change in climate and conditions. Utilizing the best construction engineering and techniques is no guarantee that a site's footprint will not become damaged or compromised by severe settling.
This site was one of those to suffer that type of deterioration.
The site’s utilidor, a structural conduit for utilities, had to be excavated and re-insulated.
Once the structure was lifted and leveled a determination had to be made on how to proceed using Best Management Practices (BMP) with attention paid to the sensitive site and structural integrity. We were contracted to install the foam and thermal barriers - we provided the service and knowledge we're known for.

Our crews were not on-site. Actually, the project engineers were at two different sites more than 1,120 miles apart, the site in Barrow another 540 miles away, or 1,225 miles, depending on which team member you talk to - in a different direction. The options for the completion of this project, as in any project, must be discussed and evaluated with BMP in mind.

We have a policy that the quality of our work reflects our desire to re-do our work.
We don't like to re-do our work, ever.

With the challenge of communicating in conditions that aren’t much more excellent than soup cans and string, we worked together to design a temporary chamber that would enable us to contain the spray foam insulation.

When we arrived on the site we verified the preparations were exact to our instruction and we were able to successfully install the foam and fire-retardant thermal barrier topcoat. Total mobilization, performance, and completion time – 5 days.
Barney Mahoney, using "what's already around", created this rig - our Service Vehicle - using a flatbed truck and a coffee hut.
It's this kind of imagination that we admire and applaud, and here it is - preserved for posterity on the www.
We work in some of the most extreme climate conditions on this Earth. Mobilization is necessary and it's a part of the industry we've mastered because we've had to. There are those times when improvising with "what's already there" really comes in handy when you're trying to achieve perfection and timely results within thin time frames. Here, we are devoting space to immortalize Barney Mahoney and his relentless pursuit of the perfect service vehicle for our genset, equipment, our base of operations.
Welcome to Barrow, Alaska!