Pioneer Drilling site at Oooguruk Field

6 Miles offshore from Kuparuk Fields and more than
175 Miles Northwest of Barrow, Alaska

Project: Helipad, Polyurea Coating for
F&W Construction, GC
Included among all of the logistic and engineering marvels of this entire development, office space on the Oooguruk site is comprised of several 20’ Arctic Proof  Conex boxes, made in Alaska and trucked individually over an ice road access (which is created each year), then connected on-site to amass one structure. This phase of construction included a Helipad, atop the Conex’s.

This project was a first for the Polyurea industry, no one has ever been successful in coating an 1800sq ft helipad in the Beaufort Sea in February (we’re not sure anyone has ever tried), until now.
There are 2 seasons in this region of Alaska: Summer and Winter. Conditions known as Light and Dark occur in a general season-cross-over pattern but not in the same day. There is a 12 week window in which Humans and
Polar Bear can use the ice road. The temperatures during this 12 week window are anywhere between -30 to -50 degrees below zero with winds at 50mph to over 100mph. So, obviously, the perfect time to coat this helipad with Polyurea was February 24th, 2011.

We mobilized our crew and machinery from Anchorage to Dead Horse, then on to Kapuruk, and finally to Oooguruk. Linings Unlimited arrived at the site at 1:00 pm on February 24th  via the ice road. The temperature was -35 degrees and the winds were 50mph.

The General Contractor had installed a replacement substrate of plywood and joint sealant on the roof of the structure, creating the base for the helipad. We were specific in communicating the optimal conditions needed in applying a Polyurea coating and the GC met those needs by constructing an inflatable heated tent, a bubble, over the entire substrate. The temperature inside the tent was 75 degrees – perfect conditions for a perfect coating with Polyurea.

Given all the significant conditions and constraints, in 8 hours we successfully applied 200 gallons of 160ml – 180ml HT Polyurea, PERFECT timing because on February 25 the tent was destroyed by winds of 100mph. To answer what is surely going to be asked - of the many Polyurea color choices we offered our client, they chose “Sand”.
Welcome to Oooguruk, Alaska - 6 miles from the shore in the Beaufort Sea