reclamation with polyurethane and silicone
Bethel Hospital, Bethel Alaska
Two 10,000 gal Potable Water Storage Tanks
Joint project between:
Linings Unlimited &
A to Z Construction Services, Inc.
We've mentioned before that we're the most innovative team of experts in our industry. We're also seasoned experts when it comes to mobilization, probably also mentioned before.
This Bethel, Alaska project presented conditions we constantly work with - the shippers' ability to get us there but absolutely none to get us back - unless, of course, we want to first travel 2,000 miles in the wrong direction before the shipper returns on the original route that got us and our equipment there in the first place, another 1,500 miles and weeks later. The solution is SO simple - all we do is plan ahead, prepare ourselves and crew, make double-positive sure we're bringing the correct equipment and that it's been properly cleaned and prepped for this job, and use more than bread crumbs to get home.
SUPER easy - for Linings Unlimited.
The interiors of these two tanks were sand blasted, and primed. We installed a Potable Water System epoxy top coat on the new surface.

The exterior of the tanks were sand blasted, and primed. The entire exterior of each tank was sprayed with 6" of Demilec Heatlok Soy 200 Winter blend Polyurethane and top coated with Gaco Western Silicone Systems

Machinery mobilized to the site included a 900lb sandblast pot, Graco 50:1 Bulldog Sprayer, A20 Graco polyurethane machine, and our safety gear. The list does go on from there but it's no where near as interesting.

At any rate, we're a believer in prolonging the life of structures as long as it's safe and economical to do so. This allows you to save money and it reduces construction waste - you're recycling.