Buckland, Alaska
Water Treatment Plant
1,800 sq ft Polyurea floor coating,
Care to protect from overspray the mechanical, electrical, and hot piping systems.
Joint project between Linings Unlimited &
A to Z Construction Services, Inc.
"A little patience and a lot of tape make all the difference."
The product we used here was HT Polyurea with AE-4 additive, 110 gallons of it, carefully re-packed from two 55 gallon drums into eight 1/4 drums for air shipping limitations and man lifting.
The crew, materials, and equipment were shipped to Kotzebue from Anchorage. After re-packing the materials deemed corrosive in their raw form, we were taken to Buckland on a Cessna caravan.
We "bagged" the entire space to prevent over-spray adhesion. We abrated the floor spaces and filled cracks and imperfections larger than 1/8" with Polyurea Fast Set Caulk. Application of the HT Polyurea was 80ml - 100ml.
The duration of this job, including patience and tape, was just over 3 days.