Polyurea & Marine
Resolution, Cook Inlet Offshore Support Ship
Ocean Marine Services, Inc.
190' 380 ton cargo and support vessel in
Cook Inlet, Alaska
Joint project between Linings Unlimited &
A to Z Constructon Services, Inc.
Cook Inlet, Alaska has a tidal range of 30', 6 knots of current, and during the winter months is covered by sea ice. This vessel, the Resolution, travels through the inlet supplying and servicing offshore rigs on a year-round schedule.

This project is a mechanical experiment, testing the ability of Polyurea to withstand the frozen conditions and the vessel's navigation through the ice flows.

In May, 2011 - Two 10' X 10' sections stern, port and starboard, at the waterline were sandblasted to a 3ml profile.
K5 Polyurea, together with a special additive, was then applied at 250ml.
We hope to inspect the condition of the coated areas in June, 2012.
We expect to find abrasion and gouging but a favorable outcome will be the absence of de-lamination.
We'll keep you posted!