Dillingham School Roof
Dillingham, Alaska
Joint project between Linings Unlimited &
A to Z Construction Services, Inc.
Retrofit/remodel - replace 50,000sq ft
roofing materials to replace "Hot" roof with
"Cool" roof.
Updating structural elements to a higher standard of "cool" and "Green" materials saves money, has the potential to prolong the life of core and shell, and may result in tax incentive rebates and will certainly reduce energy useage and expense. This is one such retrofit.

70 sets of PolarPro 2lb density foam: 70,000 pounds in 55 gallon drums, Flame Seal TB thermal barrier, Gusmer H2035 Pro Foam Machine - 800lbs.

Spray foam into soffits to 6.5" thick, 2,500 total lineal feet - remainder was shot to 11.5" - using a spray gun capable of 1,000lbs per hour.