Petro Marine Dock
Homer, Alaska
Deep water fuel dock, homebase of the
commercial fishing vessel "Time Bandit"
Floating concrete dock with erosion issues.
After having developed a relationship with Petro Marine during my time working on several of their tank liners, they asked me to engineer a solution to repair errosion to this floating dock, using Polyurea.

We used watjet cleaning techniques, secured elements of the site to protect from over-spray adhesion, and applied HT Polyurea with an additive for maximum adhesion to concrete. We placed a final top coat of aluminum oxide for non-skid texture and finish.

"Gee, while you're here......."

We sprayed fuel pump pedistals at the Homer Gas Station & Mart with the same mix of Polyurea and Aluminum Oxide for purposes of containment in the event of a fuel leak or spill.