Shoreside Petroleum Tank Farm
Seward, Alaska
Two 4,000sq ft containment liners,
original sealed with Polyurea technology
aged over 15 years.
Repair and re-coat with Polyurea.
Edward Teller - "The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow"
And it's Tomorrow. Back in "the day", when Polyurea was developed for its current and growing and uncountable uses, the science was flawless - the technology - not so much. The problem with the old makeup of the chemical balances was the "re-coatability" time of cure. Cure being the marriage - the settling down, of chemical compounds thrust together - engaged - by some sort of mechanism - scientific attraction - making the chemical bond - the union - possible.

Adequate and appropriate cure time was thought to be 12 hours but should have actually been 5 - 6 days. There are sites that have required reclamation from a bad application of the outdated formula of Polyurea. Unfortunate, but not impossible to repair.

Polyurea used today - this being Tomorrow - cures in minutes. There are images of me here on this website spraying Polyurea while being assisted by crew or partner, they're following me while carrying pressure hosing - walking on what I've just sprayed. It's a phenomonal product.

This liner displayed joint deterioration over it's entire life, 15 years. We repaired it, rather than replace, by using Ultra-Bond to secure the seams - using this product elliminates having to replace of the liner. Geo-textile fabric, custom cut to fit, was put in place after loose materials were removed from the liner. We re-coated with Polyurea.
Polyurea is permanent. I can't repeat enough how important it is that the Polyurea contractor you use not only knows all there is to know about Polyurea but also works with product manufacturers as a technical advisor, teacher, and product/project engineer, as I do.